Acquisition of Portuguese Nationality | Exam and required documents

Acquisition of Portuguese Nationality | Exam and required documents

Acquisition of Portuguese Nationality | Exam and documents

  • Acquisition of Portuguese Nationality | Aquisição de Nacionalidade Portuguesa
  • Exam and required documents | Exame e documentos necessários
  • Citizenship in Portugal | Cidadania em Portugal
  • By residence time and non-Portuguese speaker (six years) | Por tempo de residência (6 anos)


According to the legislation of Portugal, the level A2 is the minimum level required as proof of knowledge of the Portuguese language to obtain Portuguese nationality.

There is oral examination;
There are exames 3 times a year;
No need to attend course. Just pass the exam.

It is necessary to certificate of birth, criminal certificate (with Portuguese translation) and certificate of the SEF, attesting the period of housing.

Exam Places

OPORTO – Universidade do Porto
Via Panoramica, S/n
Porto Location
Code. Postal 4150-564
00351226077165 Phone
Coordinator Prof. ª Ângela Carvalho

OPORTO – lycée français International de Porto-Association Marius Latour
Morada Rua Gil Eanes, 27
Code. Postal 4150-348
00351226153030 Phone
Coordinator Professor Cidália Abreu

AVEIRO Lape 4002
Department of Languages and Culture-University of Aveiro
Santiago University Campus
3810-193 Aveiro
Telephone No: 00351 234 370 358
Fax No: 00351 234 370 940

CEPLE – Portuguese Foreign Language Exam center
Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, 2nd floor
University Alameda
1600-214 Lisbon
TLF.: + 351 217920079

Exam Dates

How much does it cost

According to the website of justice de Portugal, the fee is 250 euros.

How does it work?

The CAPLE submits to the LAPE the statements of the exams. The LAPE apply the exams in the days and hours marked and send the responses of the candidates to the CAPLE at the faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon.

The final results of the exams are published on the web PAGE OF the Caple. Wishing, candidates can request the CAPLE, through the LAPE, the verification of the final result disclosed. This request can be made within 5 working days after the publication of the results and the reply, communicated up to 5 working days after receipt of the request and from which there is no appeal, IS transmitted to lape and the applicant. Revaluation is an internal process for the CAPLE: the candidates ‘ replies constitute the property of the CAPLE and will not be sent to candidates or LAPE.

Com informações de: Justiça Portugal e Universidade de Lisboa

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