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Our office is based in Oporto, having lawyers in the main cities of Portugal.

Count on us for correspondent Portugal services.

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Founding partner:

Adriano Martins Pinheiro, lawyer in ortugal and Brazil

Law Firm Pinheiro


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What services can it provide?

The Legal Correspondent can provide the most varied services, such as: hearings, protocols, legal advice, due diligence, copies of cases, orders, follow-up of judgments, among others. For this, this professional must have legal knowledge, understand about forensic practices and legal procedures.

Who uses the service and how to hire?

Legal Correspondents are typically hired by law firms and companies that require legal assistance outside their home region.

Currently, lawyers and companies rely on the help of technology, such as that offered by Juridico Certo, to locate highly qualified professionals anywhere in Brazil quickly and safely.

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