Driving License Exchange | Portugal | Guide for foreigners

Driving License Exchange | Portugal | Guide for foreigners


Driving licenses issued by countries:

That Portugal has a bilateral agreement or a reciprocity recognition for the recognition and Exchange of driving licenses, or are signatories to one of the international traffic conventions.

As a tourist

You can drive in Portugal, as a tourist, with a driving license issued by a country covered by the agreements mentioned above, for a period of about six months (185 days) following your entry into Portugal and providing you are not intending to settle.


If you take up residence in Portugal, you must pay attention to the following deadlines, which are effective from the date on which your residence document is issued:

Up to 90 days:
You can continue to drive on a license issued by a country mentioned above for up to 90 days from the date of issue of your residence document, but you must apply to IMT for an exchange during this period;

From 90 days up to 2 years:
You can no longer drive on a licence issued by a country mentioned above, but you can still apply to IMT for an exchange during this period;

After 2 years:
You can apply for the exchange of your license, but you will have to pass a practical driving test.

What do I need to do to exchange my driving license?

Start by asking your doctor for a medical certificate. This medical certificate must be specific to the driving license. In Portugal it is called an “atestado médico eletrônico” (digital medical certificate).

After the exam, the doctor will issue a medical certificate and send it electronically to IMT via our medical certificate platform.

You can then scan the following documents:

  • Residence permit
  • Certificate of authenticity of the driving licence issued by the issuing entity or consular services
  • Driving license
  • Fill out the form (link below)

A certified translation of your driving licence, if the content is in any language other than Portuguese, French, English or Spanish.

The certification must be carried out by the Portuguese Consulate or the consular services of another member state in the respective country of origin (Consulate of your country in Portugal).

Psychological Assessment Certificate

A psychological assessment certificate, if you are applying to retain vehicle categories C, D and/or e send the form and scanned documents to [trocas.estrangeiras@imt-ip.pt].


After sending the documentation, you will receive an email requesting the payment and, where appropriate, giving you further information on the collection of your biometric data.

Adriano Martins Pinheiro is a lawyer in Portugal

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