Criminal Record Certificate in Portugal: Issuing and Apostille

Criminal Record Certificate in Portugal: Issuing and Apostille

Criminal Record Certificate in Portugal: How to request, consult and apostille

In short, our team of professionals apostille the criminal record certificate and send it to the country of your choice.

Therefore, the order will be:

Step 1: Our office issues the criminal record certificate;
Step 2: After the certificate has been issued, we arrange for it to be apostilled;
Step 3: We ask the courier company (DHL) for a quote on the cost of shipping to the client’s country.
Step 4: The client pays the shipping costs.
Step 5: The firm sends the document by post and gives the tracking code to the client so that they can follow the progress of the delivery.

Some important details about the above steps:

How do I issue a criminal record certificate?

As a rule, the person concerned is outside Portugal and needs to have their criminal record certificate apostilled. In this case, there are two options:

Option 1 – Criminal record certificate access code:

The interested party sends a copy of the criminal record certificate to the office (by email or Whatsapp). This certificate has a 12-digit access code. In possession of this access code, the office issues a new certificate and arranges for it to be apostilled.

Note: You can issue a criminal record certificate yourself. Simply apply online on the “Online Criminal Record” platform. However, the client must have a “citizen’s card” or “digital mobile key”.

This option is quicker and cheaper, as the lawyer prints out the certificate in the office and takes it to the apostille (a diligence).

Option 2 – Declaration of authorization:

If the client does not have a criminal record certificate with access code, the lawyer will need to make a request in person. To do this, the lawyer will need to receive a statement of authorization signed by the client (the client must send the following by post: statement of authorization + copy of passport).

In short, the lawyer will not be able to obtain a criminal record certificate for a person if he or she does not have the original authorization statement. This is because the criminal record is a highly confidential document and it is not possible to give this information to just anyone.

In this case, the lawyer will need to do two things:

  • the lawyer makes the request for issuance in person (by handing in the declaration of authorization) at a certain department;
  • takes the document for apostille – to another department.

Note that option 2 requires two acts from the lawyer. Therefore, there will be an additional fee. If the client already has the access code, the lawyer will only do one act – which makes the procedure cheaper.


How to request the certificate through the Online Criminal Registry

To request the certificate of criminal record online, the interested party should access the site “Criminal Record Online”
authenticate himself with his Citizen Card or with the Mobile Digital Key, fill out the form and make the payment corresponding to the certificate.

Public service fee (not to be confused with lawyer’s fees)

The Portuguese government charges:

  • Issuing the criminal record certificate ….: 5€
  • Apostille of the certificate …………………..: 10,20€

Total expenses

The customer must consider as an expense:

  • The above public service fees;
  • Office fees for providing the service;
  • Postage costs (e.g. DHL).

Sending the document / Post

We can’t tell you the cost of sending the document. We will ask the company (e.g. DHL) for a quote once we have the document apostilled and ready to send. The cost varies according to the weight and destination address.

The delivery time is the responsibility of the courier company. The client will receive a “tracking code” to follow the progress of the delivery.

Lawyer’s fee proposal

We will send you a fee proposal by email. Make your request:

Author: Adriano Martins Pinheiro, Lawyer in Portugal

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