Relocation to Portugal and legal advice (different services)

Relocation to Portugal and legal advice (different services)

Relocation service providers in Portugal

Our office does not offer relocation services. This text is only intended to clarify the meaning of this term.

The meaning of relocation

Relocation service providers in Portugal offer a range of services to individuals or businesses moving to or within the country. Their goal is to facilitate a smooth transition and help clients settle into their new environment. Here are some common services provided by relocation service providers in Portugal.

A warning

In Portugal, legal advice and/or consultation on visas or residence permits should only be provided by lawyers registered with the Portuguese Bar Association (OA).

Legal advice and/or consultation carried out by people who are not lawyers registered with the Portuguese Bar Association (OA) constitutes the crime of “procuradoria ilícita” (Law on Lawyers’ Own Acts | Law nº. 49/2004, of August 24).

1) Orientation Services

  • Area orientation: Familiarizing clients with different neighborhoods, schools, healthcare facilities, and other local amenities.
  • Cultural training: Offering insights into Portuguese culture, customs, and etiquette to ease the adjustment process.

2) Housing Support

  • Home search: Assisting in finding suitable accommodation based on the client’s preferences and budget.
  • In Portugal, the real estate consultant (or real estate agency) does the negotiation / intermediation. However, the drafting or analysis of the contract should be done by a lawyer.

3) School Assistance

School search: Assisting families in finding appropriate educational institutions for their children.
Enrollment support: Helping with the enrollment process in local schools or international schools.

4) Settling-In Services

Utility connections: Assisting with setting up essential services like electricity, water, and internet.
Local registration: Helping clients register with local authorities and obtain necessary identification documents.

5) Cultural and Language Support

Language training: Offering language courses or resources to help clients learn or improve their Portuguese language skills.
Cultural integration: Providing guidance on cultural norms and helping clients integrate into the local community.

6) Spousal and Family Support

Career support for spouses: Assisting accompanying spouses in finding employment opportunities.
Family services: Offering support for family members, including healthcare information and social activities.

7) Ongoing Support

Relocation support hotline: Providing a point of contact for ongoing assistance and addressing any issues that may arise after the initial move.
Repatriation services: Assisting clients in the eventual return to their home country if needed.

These services are designed to alleviate the challenges associated with relocation and ensure a smoother transition for individuals or businesses moving to Portugal. The specific offerings may vary among different relocation service providers.


Therefore, the real estate consultant or real estate agent provides the service related to the search for and negotiation of real estate and the lawyer provides the service of legal advice and/or legal consultation, including the analysis or drafting of contracts.

As already mentioned, the aim of this text is to clarify the difference between relocation work, including the services of real estate agents, and the work of lawyers. We have chosen not to enter into partnerships with relocation service providers.

Adriano Martins Pinheiro | Lawyer in Portugal

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