apostille in portugal

Outubro 6, 2023

Apostille in Portugal | Procedure and cost

Apostille in Portugal We apostille in Portugal and send the apostilled document by post to all countries. The entire procedure is online. The client places the order, makes the payment and informs us of the address where they wish to receive the document by post. Sending procedure: 1) The client […]
Agosto 4, 2023

How (and where) can I get a document apostilled in Portugal?

Public documents issued by Portuguese authorities can only be apostilled in Portugal. In other words, each document must be apostilled in the country that issued it. Examples of the most apostilled documents The most commonly apostilled documents are: birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, criminal record certificate and diploma from […]
Junho 17, 2022

Apostille | What is it? How to get apostille? | Portugal