How is our online consultation? Learn more and schedule

How is our online consultation?

Our online consulting can be via video call or voice only. The customer chooses what is most convenient.

Therefore, if you want to be attended by a lawyer, just request the appointment of the day and time for the online consultation.

Online consultation costs less

Online consulting is also more advantageous for the lawyer, as the professional is able to carry out a greater number of consultations and can serve the client from anywhere. As a result, online consulting has a lower cost.

In-person consulting requires the office to reserve the meeting room, keep the lawyer on site, using the busy schedule for longer, in addition to involving other indirect expenses related to the reception of the client. For these reasons, face-to-face consultation can cost much more.


It’s simple! The customer informs what he wants to know and requests a time for the day and time of service.

If the client prefers, he can make a list of questions or doubts, to optimize his time and focus on his needs.

If you want to hire a specific service, whether administrative or judicial, let us know!

Adriano Martins Pinheiro is a lawyer licensed by the Portuguese Bar Association, with an office in Portugal and founded the office in 2011.

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