NIF | Tax Identification Number in Portugal | How to get

NIF | Tax Identification Number in Portugal | How to get

How to get the Tax Identification Number in Portugal.

The NIF is the Tax Identification Number in Portugal is the most used document in the country, being necessary for everything, such as: opening a bank account, enrolling in a course, buying a vehicle or property, registering in stores, websites, etc.

Therefore, obtaining the NIF should be the first step for those who intend to reside or do business in Portugal.

Even when abroad, the interested party may request the NIF by proxy, appointing a fiscal representative for this purpose. In fact, it is mandatory to have a fiscal representative.

We provide the NIF for our customers (online). We just need to receive the required documents:

  • Copy of passport;
  • Proof of address (of the country you live in);
  • Signed Power of Attorney (we provide the power of attorney).

In case of doubts, please contact us!

The first contact must be made by message (whatsapp, Telegram, SMS or email). We do not answer phone calls without scheduling.
 You need to send a message and request an online consultation.
 When we understand what you want to contract, we will send you a fee proposal by email. 

Use Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS or email.

How do we do it?

1) We tell the client the price of the service;
2) If the client accepts, we formalize the fee proposal by email;
3) We receive the client’s documents;
4) We make a video call to confirm the data the client has informed us (Google Meet);
5) We receive the payment;
6) We send the NIF by email (in PDF).

We are a licensed Law Firm in Portugal. We have our office located in Porto, but we only receive clients by appointment ( or Whatsapp / Telegram / SMS).

Preferably, the NIF procedure is done online. If the client wishes, he/she can pay a fee for a personal meeting in the office. But, as said, the usual is to do everything online (by email).

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