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Setembro 29, 2023


TEMPORARY STAY VISA FOR AMATEUR SPORTS ACTIVITYDOCUMENTS REQUIRED Applications for the extension of stay are submitted in any SEF’s directorate or regional delegation, on a standard form, signed by the applicant or his/her legal representative, or on-line, holding the necessary documentation as follows: Two recent, identical photographs, in colour with […]
Setembro 19, 2023

How long does a national transfer take in portugal?

A timeframe for a national bank transfer within Portugal typically ranges from a few hours to one business day. However, the actual duration can vary based on several factors, including: Banks and Their Processes Different banks may have varying processing times for national transfers. Time of Submission If the transfer […]
Setembro 19, 2023

Pet registration in Portugal | The SIAC system

What is SIAC in Portugal? SIAC (Sistema de Informação de Animais de Companhia) is, in fact, a system in Portugal related to the management and information of pets. This system aims to electronically identify pets, including dogs and cats, by means of a microchip and a centralized register. SIAC helps […]
Setembro 12, 2023

Ukraine: Information for refugee citizens living in Portugal

If you have come to Portugal from Ukraine due to the conflict situation in the country, you can apply for a Temporary Protection Title, which includes a temporary residence permit. Through this title, you will also have access to various services and benefits in terms of health care, work, education, […]
Setembro 8, 2023

Declaration of entry in Portugal

Entry declaration – Portugal (According to articles 14 and 16 of Act 23/2007 of July 4 and subsequent amendments) Who NEEDS to submit a Declaration of Entry in Portugal to SEF*: Foreign citizens entering the Country from another Member State by way of a border not subject to control shall […]
Setembro 1, 2023

Law Firm: Adriano Martins Pinheiro | Portugal – In English

Law Firm: Adriano Martins Pinheiro – In English As a specialized law firm, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive and professional legal assistance to clients across various industries. Our firm offers a wide range of legal services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. At Adriano Martins […]
Agosto 7, 2023

Adriano Martins Pinheiro, abogado en Portugal, escritor y profesor de cursos jurídicos

Adriano Martins Pinheiro es abogado colegiado en Portugal y Brasil y se dedica principalmente al Derecho de extranjería y a la ciudadanía portuguesa. Empezó a trabajar en bufetes de abogados en 2005. Trabajó en los mejores bufetes de la ciudad de São Paulo (según publica la revista Análise Advocacia). En […]
Julho 26, 2023

Portugal: pros and cons to living

Living in Portugal offers many advantages, but there are also some challenges to consider. Here are some pros and cons of living in Portugal: Pros: Climate: Portugal enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate in most regions, with warm summers and mild winters. The pleasant weather is a major draw for many […]
Julho 26, 2023

Why are Americans immigrating to Portugal?

As of my last update in September 2021, several factors have contributed to the increasing number of Americans immigrating to Portugal: Quality of Life: Portugal is known for its high quality of life, with a pleasant climate, beautiful landscapes, and a relaxed lifestyle. Many Americans are attracted to Portugal’s slower […]
Julho 26, 2023

Portuguese from Portugal | History and curiosities

The official language of Portugal is Portuguese Portuguese was the 6th most spoken language in the world by the number of native speakers. It is estimated that there were around 215 to 220 million native speakers of Portuguese at that time. Brazil is the country with the most Portuguese speakers […]