Junho 6, 2024

Authentication Certificate Requirements, apostille (USA / Portugal)

Authentication Certificate Requirements (United States of America) Documents issued in the United States must be apostilled (apostila de haia) in order to be used in Portugal. Therefore, you don’t need to use any other type of authentication. In fact, Portugal does not accept any authentication other than the Hague Apostille. […]
Novembro 25, 2023

Relocation to Portugal and legal advice (different services)

Relocation service providers in Portugal Our office does not offer relocation services. This text is only intended to clarify the meaning of this term. The meaning of relocation Relocation service providers in Portugal offer a range of services to individuals or businesses moving to or within the country. Their goal […]
Outubro 13, 2023

Autorización de residencia (certificado de registro) para ciudadanos de la UE en Portugal

Si es usted ciudadano de la UE/EEE/Suiza y tiene intención de permanecer en Portugal más de tres meses, solicite su CERTIFICADO DE REGISTRO PARA CIUDADANOS DE LA UE/EEE/SUIZA De acuerdo con la Ley nº 37/2006, de 9 de agosto, los nacionales de todos los países de la Unión Europea (UE) […]
Outubro 6, 2023

Apostille in Portugal | Procedure and cost

Apostille in Portugal We apostille in Portugal and send the apostilled document by post to all countries. The entire procedure is online. The client places the order, makes the payment and informs us of the address where they wish to receive the document by post. Sending procedure: 1) The client […]
Setembro 23, 2023

There are job opportunities for IT professionals in Portugal

News: There are job opportunities for IT professionals in Portugal. The IT sector is growing in the country, and there is an increasing demand for qualified professionals to fill positions in various areas such as software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, system management, artificial intelligence, and more. Cities like Lisbon, Porto, […]
Setembro 19, 2023

Pet registration in Portugal | The SIAC system

What is SIAC in Portugal? SIAC (Sistema de Informação de Animais de Companhia) is, in fact, a system in Portugal related to the management and information of pets. This system aims to electronically identify pets, including dogs and cats, by means of a microchip and a centralized register. SIAC helps […]
Setembro 13, 2023

Online consultation and legal advice for foreigners in Portugal

Our team of lawyers Our office is dedicated to meeting all the needs of foreigners in Portugal. We have a team of lawyers experienced in dealing with visa applications, residence permits and real estate law in Portugal. Online consultation We provide online consultations for clients from all over the world, […]
Setembro 2, 2023

Visa process for professional football players foreigners in Portugal

The visa process for professional foreign football players in Portugal typically involves several steps and requires coordination between the player, the football club, and the Portuguese authorities. Here’s a general overview of the visa process: Contract with a Portuguese Club: The first step for a foreign football player is to […]
Setembro 1, 2023

Lawyer and consultant in immigration law | Portugal

Adriano Martins Pinheiro | Immigration lawyer in Portugal, with more than 12 years’ experience in the legal profession and consultant on visas and residence permit. Overview Adriano Martins Pinheiro Law Firm is a well-established and reputable legal service provider specialized in immigration and visas. Our firm is dedicated to delivering […]
Agosto 11, 2023

“Junta de Freguesia” in Portugal is a local administrative body

In the context of Portugal, a “Junta de Freguesia” is a local administrative body at the level of a civil parish. A freguesia is the lowest administrative division in Portugal, similar to a bairro or a locality in other countries. The Junta de Freguesia is responsible for various local matters […]